Teenage Girl Visits Doctor's Office Suffering With DepressionA healthy spirit offers balance. We host yoga and meditation classes. Dr. Elizabeth Henry has been offering anger/stress management, grief, premarital, marital, individual, family, and addiction counseling since 1995.

Yoga: individual or group sessions that teach students techniques on how to relax, balance, and strengthen the body. Classes integrate several schools of yoga including hatha, kemetic, vinyasa, and kundalini.

BENEFITS: reduces stress, improves fitness, better management of chronic illnesses

Oracle Readings: private reading using a 78 card oracle deck. The reading will connect you to your spirit helpers–providing guidance for any questions you have about your life.

BENEFITS: helps development intuition, gain clarity, and highlights areas that need work

Meditation: Individual or group sessions that focus on deep breathing, visualization, and relaxation.

yoga2BENEFITS: improves concentration, happiness, and self awareness. Also slows aging and benefits immune health and cardiovascular health.

Mineral Therapy: private consultation and sessions to cleanse the auric field, align the chakras, and/or remove energy blockages using natural minerals and aromatherapy.

BENEFITS: increases energy levels, improves focus, accelerates self healing, and promotes balance between mind, body, and spirit