Dr. Henry absolutely LOVES working with expecting families. Did you know that chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and fatigue? Or that it can help relax the uterus allowing your blossoming bud to get into the best position for birth? How about that it can help reduce pain and overall time in labor?

That’s right! Personally I have experienced two pregnancies. Both of which I sought regular chiropractic care for. During the first pregnancy I learned that my baby was not head down (the optimal birthing position). I shared this with my chiropractor who adjusted me via The Webster Technique. I felt all kinds of movement in my tummy afterwards and was told by my midwife at the next visit the baby was head down. I am now a Webster Certified Practitioner.



When should I get my baby adjusted?

Birth, even the most normal, uncomplicated ones, may result in the misalignment of tiny bones. It is important to get your baby checked from birth to get him or her off to a great start. An optimally working nervous system allows baby’s body to fight infections, colds, digest food better, reduce gassiness/fussiness, and the list goes on. My children, (and I say this thankfully) have not had an ear infection, colic, or many other childhood concerns that seem to affect most children. “Health problems in childhood or even adulthood have been traced back to spinal and structural damage at birth”.

Is it safe to have my child adjusted?

It most certainly is. I would not recommend anything for your child that I would not for my own children. I, like other chiropractors that see children, have had specialized training to take care of children.

What type of adjustment will they receive?

Your child’s spinal health is of vital importance. It protects the nervous system which controls and coordinates all other systems of the body. Children receive very gentle adjustments. Most often they don’t even realize they have been adjusted because there is NO pain involved. Often a light finger pressure is all it takes. I have had moms call me and thank me because for the first time their child (who had been diagnosed with acid reflux) stopped crying and slept for a measurable amount of time after being adjusted.