Good news! There isn’t much to “bring.” Most paperwork can be completed online. However, you will need to bring any recent bloodwork (or other lab testing) and a list of medication(s) – (prescription and over the counter) as well as any supplements you are taking.

  1.   Complete (in entirety and as completely as possible) and submit new patient formYou MUST complete on a PC or LAPTOPYou will NOT be able to submit via a MOBILE DEVICE. 
  2. You will receive an additional form – SYMPTOM SURVEY – via email. Complete and Submit this form as well.
  3. Complete a Food Diary each day leading up to your appointment. An example is here. If you are unable to print this form simply write the information down on paper and bring it in with you.

Please Note: If you are unable to complete ALL items prior to your scheduled appointment you will be required to complete in office and may not see Dr. Darnita the same day.