My name is Treva, I am the owner of Sebastian’s Massage the company is named after my son who was the first to receive a massage from me! When he was just a 2 months old baby suffering from colic, massage instantly calmed him down and that was my first experience with massage! So, when you fast forward several years later and I decide that I am interested in a career in massage therapy and I’m asked what would the name of my business be if I opened one. Well, it made sense to name it “Sebastian’s Massage”. He is now a 21-year-old grown man living in Colorado he and is the father of a six-year-old son who is also named Sebastian! As for me, I’m a happily single borderline hippie, empty nester, living, loving and laughing at life! 

Sebastian’s Massage is the first place you think of when you think RELAXATION. We have designed a calming environment that you can feel from the time you walk through the doors! With a commitment to your well being through Massage (either Table or Chair) Bodywork, Stretching & Body Relaxation as well, you can sit and just be with no immediate worries or thoughts! We also offer Foot Soaks & Foot Massage, Reflexology!

2 Metro Atlanta areas to serve you!

Phone: 404.532.8710


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